Sunday, March 22, 2009

New R3 Layout

I think the new R3 colors and layout would be really great on a blog devoted to gardening or tandem masturbation.

Rating: 12% (old layout Rating: 100000% (or more))


This blog thread is entirely devoted to flames. If you think Glenn blows, tell him here (anonymously, he has a tender soul). If you think (not) Brent Newland is a childish fakeposter, this is the place to tell him. If you think Internet John drinks too much or that his picture looks a bit rapey, this is where to say so. If you think Laurie talks too much about yoga or her vagina or New York, tell her here!

Have a blast, hopefully someone gets hurt!

Rating: >100%

New R3 Rulz

New R3 Rulz blow. I think they should get rid of them.

Rating: 2%